Guidelines for Using
this ASCII Art
and 'How To' Hints...
Q #1:  Can I use this ASCII Art?

Yes, but I do have a few conditions.  They are pretty simple to follow.
     1) please leave my initials ("jgs") on the pictures
     2) for personal use only  (commercial readers keep reading)
     3) optional conditions :
           a) link to this website  (http://www.ascii-art.com)
           b) tell a friend about this site!
           c) send a postcard via snail mail to me and my family
           d) consider making a donation

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Q #2:  Those letters "jgs" clutter up the picture, why do you insist on having them ?

Technically, you can erase the initials but I'd prefer that you didn't.  ASCII art is one of my hobbies.   I have done some commission work and have received a few donations, but for the most part, I don't receive compensation for my artwork. Therefore by leaving my initials with the picture, you give me credit for the work I've done.

FYI, the proper way of using ASCII art is to include the artist's initials or name with the picture.  Please give credit where credit is due. 

Please keep in mind that even though I have posted my ASCII art on the internet, the pictures are still my property- and they follow internet copyright laws.  All ASCII Art follows the internet copyright laws. However, most ASCII artists have their creations on the WWW so that they can share it with others. This is my purpose as well. You may copy/paste my ASCII artwork -- so long as you keep my signature intact and it's for personal use only. You're on the honor system. Be forewarned though-- it is a small, small cyberworld - word gets around.   (If you have problems copying the ASCII art, keep reading.)

Q #3:  What should I do about iniitals/credit if I alter the ASCII Art?

If you alter any of my ASCII art, I also ask that you keep my initials (jgs) on my work.  If you significantly add to an existing ASCII art picture, you may add your initals:  ie, jgs/tbs   This holds true for all ASCII artists and their creations.

Q #4:  I operate a MUD and would like to take the initials off of the ASCII Art -- may I?

Well, if the ASCII art cannot be copy/pasted, and if proper credit is given, then "yes", you can remove the initials.

Q #5:  I could make some money from using your ASCII art.  Is that OK with you?

No,  I don't allow others to financially profit from my work. -- If you have a business opportunity involving the ASCII art, please feel free to contact me with an offer.
EMAIL "jgs"

Q #6:  May I link to your web site?

Absolutely!  Please use the following URL:  http://www.ascii-art.com
I have my ASCII art on the internet in order to share it with others. If you add a link, I can share my "doodles" with even more people! If you need or want a banner- please visit my BANNER PAGE.   And thank you!!

Q #7:  Where shall I send your postcard?

Please consider contributing to my collection of postcards.  They are from people all over the world who have enjoyed my ASCII art. Not only do I like to see where my ASCII art has traveled, but my children and their classmates and teachers really enjoy them too !

Send a postcard to:
Joan Stark
P.O. Box 450652
Westlake, OHIO
Q #8:  From where have you received postcards?
Thus far, postcards and other "snail-mail" hail from:snail mail!

( let me know if I've gotten the city incorrect--
sometimes it is difficult to read the postmark!) 
Q #9:  Can I send you a donation for all your hard work?

Sure!  I've set up an account with PayPal.  You can use VISA/MasterCard on their secured web site. Funds will be deposited into my bank account.   With the four kids, I appreciate every penny!

Q.10:  I'm having problems copying and saving these images.  They don't look right.  What am I doing wrong?

There are several possible explanations.  Follow this link to get additional information: HOW TO COPY THESE ASCII PICTURES

Q #11:  Why do you have this web site?

I don't consider myself a clown; however, this "CLOWN'S PRAYER" seems to fit quite well with my intentions and purposes of posting this ASCII art web site and creating the ASCII pictures.  I hope that my ASCII art will make you smile. 

Q: #12:  Do you have too much time on your hands?

No.  Very funny.

Please enjoy my ASCII art! Share them with a friend!


E-mail : spunk1111@juno.com
-- all ASCII artwork copyrighted ©1996-01 -- Joan G. Stark -- All Rights Reserved --
READ: Internet Copyright Information & Intellectual Property Law Primer

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